Global ageing: Defining the evidence agenda. Towards 2020, the WHO decade of Healthy Ageing: A Cochrane-Campbell response

With life expectancy set to reach 90 in many countries we need to set agenda for producing, synthesising and disseminating evidence that will drive the research needed to address the healthcare, social needs and inequalities of an increasingly older population.

Cochrane Global Ageing is hosting a special session at the Global Evidence Summit to provide an opportunity for a multidisciplinary discussion to explore thoughts, opinions, share best practice, network and collaborate. The outcome of the session will be:

  • To define the scope of high-priority reviews that Cochrane and Campbell could jointly undertake. 
  • To develop position papers or editorials for submission to open-access journals. 
  • To identify priority strategies for knowledge translation, across the six themes of the Cochrane KT strategy.

You can contribute to these outputs post session via Wiki and the Cochrane Global Ageing website and twitter discussions.

Join us on Friday 15th September 11-12:30 Roof Terrace Room