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Cochrane-Campbell Global Ageing Partnership Evidence and Gap Map

We have developed an Evidence and Gap Map (EGM) to scope the evidence base care for older adults living at home. An EGM is a decision making and research prioritization tool that highlights gaps in research to inform strategic health and social policy, program and research priorities. The aim of our EGM is to systematically map published and ongoing studies (i.e. systematic reviews and randomized trials) on health and social care, and technological interventions that support older adults at home or in the community. We have applied a Cochrane/Campbell sex/gender lens to assess gender inequalities at baseline and in outcomes of care. This EGM was the first in a series of maps on care for older adults, and was included in the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing Baseline Report.

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Cognitive Impairment (177)
Models and organisation of care (32)
Non-pharmacological interventions for the management of cognitive impairment (47)
Pharmacological interventions for the management of cognitive impairment (74)
Incontinence (77)
Urinary incontinence (61)
Infections (40)
Urinary tract infections (18)
Leg ulcers (31)
Interventions for the treatment of leg ulcers (29)
Physical performance and activity (28)
Pressure sores (30)
Vision (42)

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